Glastender Crafts Backbar Refrigeration Solutions

Glastender has a history of solution-oriented fabrication. First, Glastender revolutionized glass washing. Then, it was durable, easy to maintain under bar equipment. Finally, backbar cooling, which Glastender expanded on in the past few years.

Glastender Backbar and Uprights

Glastender refrigeration is tested for unlimited ambient, withstanding the most brutal kitchen temperatures. This ensures drinks will be kept cold no matter the environment.

This legendary backbar technology was also introduced to an upright and pass-through system in the past few years. When there is vertical clearance, this allows more storage in a smaller footprint. The units can be one or two-zone cooling, just like the horizontal backbars, allowing different products to require slightly different temperatures.

Cocktail Prep Cooler

The Cocktail Prep Cooler is a must-have for any cocktail-centric bar. Designed with the Cocktail Life Cycle in mind, the CPC allows easy access to garnishes and mix ingredients. Self-contained refrigeration ensures that all ingredients are kept at the optimal temperature.

The top of the unit holds eight 480mL elixir bottles and six 1/9 pans, kept refrigerated. A holding cabinet below can store another six 1/9 pans and up to twenty-one 750mL bottles of mixers, whether you’re looking for soda or champagne.

The top of the unit has a cover, allowing storage in the cabinet overnight.

With such easy access, your bartenders will spend little time running back and forth to resupply.

Prep Cooler

Ice Cube Freezer

Need to keep designer cubes cold? Want an easy way to load them up and transport the ice cubes to the backbar without excessive touches?

The brand new Ice Cube Freezer (FRM-2-C) is a mobile freezer that can easily transport your ice cubes to wherever your bar might be.

Keeping in mind the high quality of Glastender construction, the FRM-2-C is one-piece construction. This makes it easier to clean, more durable, and creates fewer points that harbor bacteria.

With casters, wheeling this around to where you need ice is easy.


Whether it’s a backbar, the newest cocktail station, or mobile ice solutions, you can trust Glastender for your cooling needs.

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