Creating a High School Coffee Station: Increase Your Profits with Coffee

Every day, students walk into school with a mocha in hand—a $6 coffee bought from Starbucks. You can grab those dollars with your own coffee kiosk, positioned to capture student sales due to lower cost, convenience, and great taste. Also, what better way to give business-minded students a way to see how a shop is run?

With NorthStar and our partners, you can have a coffee kiosk up and running in no time to capture those extra profits.

Step 1: The Heart of the Operation – UNIC Coffee Machines

The UNIC Tango range of products offers high-quality, designer coffee that is easy to make. An intuitive touchscreen display decreases training time for students and staff. With an attached steam wand, making that delicious cappuccino requires less finesse. The patented Tango Dual Infusion Chamber ensures every cup will be the perfect cup. The Tango also has hot and cold foam options, opening up higher-profit drink choices.

Add to that ease of cleaning, and the Tango is an automatic choice for your automatic coffee machine.

Step 2: Setting the Scene – RPI Coffee Kiosk

With custom, sleek options, RPI is the go-to for a great-looking kiosk.

Serve coffee and other drink options, and even grab-and-go snacks so students can get some morning fuel. The counter can be set up to have convenient locations for cups, cleaning supplies, coffee, and other essentials.

Sales increase with the attractive displays that RPI can lay out.

Step 3: Increase Your Options – TableCraft

Now you have a beautiful kiosk from RPI, an intuitive UNIC Tango, but maybe you feel something is missing—more drink options.

A TableCraft cold drink dispenser can give you options beyond coffee. You can add homemade lemonade or create your own sweet tea. The extra options in the right school can yield great profits.

Is there a significant demand for black coffee with cream or sugar? TableCraft hot drink dispensers can free up the Tango for those simple orders.

Something Extra: Business Education

Schools have used coffee kiosks to teach students how to run a shop. If your high school has business offerings, speak to them about ways to partner. This partnership can increase funding for the kiosk, which serves the dual purpose of giving students an in-school business experience.


With a well-designed coffee kiosk system, your school can increase revenue otherwise spent off campus. Coffee is an excellent profit center, as the cost of making the coffee is significantly lower than the price. Easy-to-use machines will decrease training times and labor needs.

Please call North Star Agency to get started on your perfect coffee program.